Frequently Asked Questions

1Are these the only services available?
No, GMSS has a huge skill set - see corporate website for additional capabilities or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
2What happens in an emergency?
The GMSS control room is available 24h per day and its contact information is pre-loaded onto our handheld devices. Emergency response services is an optional add-on service which can be tailored to your requirement.
3How do I distinguish my Point of Contact (POC) at Juba International Airport (JIA)?
GMSS personnel will wear branded clothing, have a picture ID and display your name and/or your company’s name on arrival.
4Where do I get fuel?
GMSS will ensure that vehicles are refueled and ready for use.
5What happens in the event of an accident?
All our drivers are trained as First Person on Scene (FPOS) responders and will take control of the situation. Your health and safety is our main priority.In case of an accident, contact our control room who will assist and alert the required authorities immediately.
6What happens if we want to extend our stay beyond the initial purchase period?
Simply get in touch with our control room and your journey manager will take care of the rest.
7Can you arrange travel to and from South Sudan?
Yes, GMSS can cater for all your travel and destination management services.
8Do you cater for business groups or only individual clients?
GMSS services government agencies, NGOs, private companies and individuals.
9How safe are transactions in South Sudan?
That is one of the key and unique services that we offer. Our payment - gateways are internationally certified as secured and recognized service providers. For the sake of prudence, transactions take place away from South Sudan via international routing.
10Can I use my credit card in South Sudan?
There are very few credit card terminals, ATMs or vendors that provide for cashless solutions. GMSS maintains legitimate financial solutions for your convenience to circumvent any financial challenges.