Business Development

Business Registration

GMSS offers comprehensive business registration services to clients wishing to enter the South Sudanese market. In accordance with local laws and regulations, foreign-owned entities are required to enter a local partnership except for Oil & Gas operators. In general, most businesses would need 31% local participation.

Certificates and licenses required by the authorities include but are not limited to:

● Certificate of Incorporation
● Memorandum and Articles of Association
● Approval to Acquire Rubber Stamp
● Tax Clearance Certificate
● Tax Registration Certificate
● Operation License
● Membership Certificate
● Letter of No Objection
● CID Police Clearance
● Importers & Exporters Registration Certificate
● Operation Clearance Certificate / Security License
● Radio Operation Permit

GMSS has the capability to apply for and obtain all certificates and licenses mandated by local authorities on behalf of our clients, allowing them to seamlessly establish their operations in South Sudan. Leveraging our expertise and extensive network of local professionals, GMSS has the capability to provide our customers with a trusted local partner to comply with government regulations and establish mechanisms to ensure our clients have full control of their business.

We are here to help you succeed in South Sudan.