About Us

Since 2015, our clients have depended on GMSS to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient business support services in South Sudan. Whether you need a visa, business registration, last minute secure transport, or simply want to talk to someone about the challenges of doing business in South Sudan, you can rely on us to give you valuable solutions.

From our HQ in Juba, we provide specialized support to governments, international, and commercial organizations in the country. We maintain compliance with national and international regulations and treaties and pride ourselves in conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical and quality assurance standards.

GMSS South Sudan is part of the GMSS global family of companies, providing business support services in the areas of Life & Mission Support, Risk Management, Intelligence, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Leveraging our global expertise, extensive international network of partners, and local intelligence, GMSS South Sudan closely supports our clients in optimizing their resources and mission outcomes.

Let us support you and ensure your success.